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Gas Turbine Operations, Maintenance Issues and Strategies Optimization

From Monday 09 October 2017
To Thursday 12 October 2017

Course Overview

Gas turbines are the most diversely applied equipment in all the Industries. Strong OEM competition prevails for various makes and models to include Frame Machines and prime movers for compression trains.

This comprehensive four Day Interactive course embedded with Model specific Case studies is aimed on effective operational & Maintenance management of Gas Turbine in Gas Plants, LNGs and Power Plants, examination of the performance, operational issues and life assessments for gas turbines . 

The course will help optimize the gas turbine operational and maintenance practices, minimizing the likelihood of failures, ensuring higher reliability thus prolonging asset life and reducing maintenance costs per hour of operation.

In depth review of Long terms services and parts agreements , insurance and warranty perspective , overhaul techniques & strategies , parts repair / schemes with model specific discussions will supplement the course . 

Course Attendance

  • Plant Maintenance and Operational Managers 
  • Plant Maintenance Engineers ( ME, EE, INS, CM)
  • Technicians ( ME, EE, INS, CM)
  • Shutdown and Turnaround scope 

Course Learning Benefits

  • Gas Turbines  Basics and Applications. 
  • Material systems employed in gas turbines .
  • Understand degradation mechanisms and how to predict them.
  • Trend / Condition Monitoring of Gas Turbines .
  • This course is organised by INBI Singapore
  • Failure Analysis for Gas turbine( In depth )  
  • Operational and Maintenance issues of Gas Turbine 
  • Development in improving Gas Turbine Performances.
  • "This course is organised by INBI Singapore"
  • Management of gas turbine components/ parts 
  • Maintenance Planning & Reliability Programs for GTs frame Machines . 
  • Work-scoping in Gas Turbine Overhauls with emphasis on cost reduction.
  • Frame Machine Case Studies. Frame 5, 7 & 9 & 
  • Warranty and Insurances related to Gas Turbine Operation 
  • LTSA , LTPA , LTTA for Gas Turbine Operators 
  • Optimization of Major Inspections and Checks / Overhauls  

Course Director Profile

Over 29 years of experience in Engineering industry in the field of Maintenance and reliability engineering, Risk based analysis and studies, performance evaluation of Power Plants , planning and development,  plant maintenance repair & overhaul of Turbo Machinery in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Aviation Industry.  Strong technical qualifications with an impressive track record comprising of Plant and Equipment Maintenance Strategies. Proven ability to successfully analyze an organization’s critical engineering requirements, identify deficiencies and potential opportunities, and develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for enhancing efficiency, increasing reliability, Maintenance cost reduction and improving engineering processes. Highly sought after Technical Trainer in Process, Power Generation and Aviation in RCM Based Maintenance & Reliability Program Development / Implementation Strategies, Turbo Machinery, Risk Based Maintenance Study, Plant Asset Management & Reliability Analysis.

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Location : Bandung - Indonesia




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