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BowTieXP & Risk Analysis Masterclass

From Monday 27 February 2017
To Tuesday 28 February 2017

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Course Overview:

This two-day course will provide insight the barrier-based risk management methodology referred to as the BowTie method. Delegates will learn the evolution of the BowTie method, from fault and event trees to the software tool used today. HAnds-on training will be provided with software, applying the latest user friendly and innovative features of BowTieXP. This will prepare safety and risk professionals to conduct qualitative risk assessments using world-class methodologies and practices.

Hands-on Training: Using your own examples of risk exposure, you will learn to apply the methods in your won work environment. Additionally, an introduction will also be provided for AuditXP and IncidentXP, enabling you to validate barriers and explore the relationship between barrier failures and the cause of incidents.

Course Attendance:

  • Leaders from the following industries: Oil & Gas, Chemical, Mining, Aviation, Marine, Medical & Pharmaceuticals, Financial, Government & IT
  • Risk Professionals, (Q) HSE
  • Personnel involved with incident investigations
  • Directors, Senior Managers, Managers, Supervisors & Team Leaders
  • Representatives from Project, Site, Plant, Operatiopns, Maintenance, Information Technology, Exploration and Production.

Software Included - 60-day trial code will be provided for BowTieXP, AuditXP and IncidentXP with the Tripod Beta causal method. The software will be utilized during the course.


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Location : Jakarta, Indonesia




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