INBI (International Business Intelligence) is founded by visionary men who seeing the opportunity beyond region. Adding a spice called action plan, a vision formed and it is to provide training mixture of practical knowledge and effectively improve business performance. Additionally, we are aiming for quality improvement and providing critical up-2-date knowledge in every aspect. Simple, and therefore, lucid, we are progressing to best provider of bespoke training company in South East Asia.

INBI (International Business Intelligence) specialises in three distinctive areas: Management – where we offer blend of soft-skills and practical range of courses, Oil & Gas – covering upstream and downstream technical training, Banking & Finance. Those three distinctive areas offering range of courses created by identify and well researched through the market segments as we committed to design the customized course material to meet your unique requirements.

INBI (International Business Intelligence) deliver the services in two methods: public training – attended by Government & Private organizations, well-known regional corporations and Multi-National Companies (MNCs) powered by experienced and skilled prominent trainer, in-house training – tailored to your specific requirements so that the effects of the training are maximised.

Ultimately, at INBI, we really value our clients need and wants at utmost level by careful assessment of recommendations and feedbacks so we can move forward and encourage all our clients to the route of success.

Our Mission

INBI’s desire to create partnership and empower our clients with in-depth analysis, critical and practical knowledge covering current trends and ideas supported by real-life experience learning environment and world-class skilled trainer.

Our Vision

To be the premium world-class most trusted training provider in South East Asia.

Our Commitment

To You – To be the First!

Training value – The value of the training is mainly depends on the ability of the trainer. This is a primary area that we invest in to make sure that our trainers are the best in the business. All of our skilled trainers are chosen professionally with practical, real-life experience and knowledge. Moreover, INBI invest in their professional development to maintain and build up high standards.

Beneficial through deliverance – Part of INBI’s commitment that we promise within our ability and make sure the smooth delivery of all that has been dedicated. We update our course material regularly as it is designed to develop delegate’s knowledge and skills. We truly maintain and develop professionalism in value of production, delivery of promises and commitment to customer relationship management.

1st Class Service – We feel very enthusiastically that all of our customers have to achieve the very best level of service. As we pursue a road to be premium world-class most trusted training provider in South East Asia, we are here to serve and deliver for you. Our team are here to ensure your experience of working with us is 1st rate.



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